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"For in the fatness of these pursy times

Virtue itself of vice must pardon beg"

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I was born in Italy in the year you (don't) see above, where I live.
I'm an (astro)physicist, but I currently have a totally unrelated job that I hope to change, sooner or later. I'm trying to get a teaching license to teach Physics and/or Math in some high school, but thanks to Italy's bureaucracy it will take a long time.

I love manga, photography, astronomy, computer graphics (because I suck at actual drawing), computer science, science, nature, animals, kids, lightnings.
I dislike people being nosy or noisy, and most of all I can't stand idiots. Everything else is fine with me, or even if it isn't, I can still bear with it.

I make an effort to keep my internet and real lives separated, that's why I won't put here too much info about myself, like my real name or my face, to begin with.
I also end up keeping some of my entries private because I put some names or details there and then I don't have enough patience to edit and take them off.
I usually write my entries in English, even though there isn't a real reason.

One day I'll add something else, maybe.